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The Methodist Study Trust was established in 1984. The go al is to enable students be financially sufficient to continue their education, thereby enabling them to demonstrate their potential by making good use of their strengths. The Student Vetting Committee will make decisions based on reviewing the applications and interviewing the applicants to understand their needs and their study plan.

Furthermore, to enable our Study Trust Fund continue to serve students in need, we have also to rely on the generous donations from members of the public. Donations to the monthly plan of ‘Friends of the Methodist Study Trust Fund’ would be deeply appreciated. Your contributions will help more students overcome poverty and continue with their schooling to improve their future.

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For students who wish to apply to the Methodist Study Trust Fund, please download and complete the application form, and mail the completed form together with the most recent report card and a copy of the applicant’s HK Identity Card to: Methodist Study Trust, 2/F, 54, Waterloo Road.

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Address: 2/F, 54 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

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